About us

Who we are

The National Cardiovascular Health Intelligence Network (NCVIN) is co-ordinated by Public Health England (PHE) and brings together epidemiologists, analysts, clinicians and patient representatives.

Establishing NCVIN is action 10 in the Department of Health’s Cardiovascular disease outcomes strategy and builds on work previously undertaken by public health observatories including the National Diabetes Information Service (NDIS).

PHE also co-ordinates health intelligence networks for cancer, child and maternal health, end of life and mental health. Find out about the networks in the December 2013 issue of the PHE blog Public Health Matters. These networks complement NHS England’s strategic clinical networks.

Working with partners and stakeholders, NCVIN has developed a Strategic Priorities 2014/15-2016 document outlining the strategic direction and aspirations of the health intelligence network.

Our priorities

NCVIN has three core strategic work streams:

Intelligence into Practice Work stream

To embed information/intelligence into local service improvement by:

  • investing in supporting health professionals within CCGs, local authorities and clinical services in ensuring that this knowledge and evidence translates into quality improvement;
  • investing in initiative such as master classes to develop practical support with report interpretation and to increase understanding of the knowledge and evidence available across the cardiovascular family of diseases.

Tools and Resources Work stream

To continue to develop relevant and timely tools/resources through a single portal by:

  • providing robust and comparable outcomes focussed information which shows how far the system is delivering better outcomes for patients and carers;
  • investigating the availability and potential use of international comparators.

Research and Development Work stream

To take a strategic lead on the creative/innovative development of information by:

  • supporting the continuation and strengthening of national and local audits and registries to encourage broader linkage/integration opportunities;
  • working with research colleagues by providing resources and support for research that strengthens the evidence base for improving cardiovascular health.

A copy of the NCVIN business plan on a page is available here.


NCVIN is overseen by a strategic NCVIN Partnership Board chaired by Professor Huon Gray (National Clinical Director for heart disease, NHS England) with representation from over 20 national partner organisations.

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