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Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory has become part of the Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health.

Public Health England has been established to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and to reduce inequalities. It will lead on the development of a 21st-century health and wellbeing service, supporting local authorities and the NHS to deliver the greatest possible improvements in public health. It came into being in April 2013. For all corporate information please see www.gov.uk/phe

This page contains historical information about YHPHO


Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory (YHPHO) was created in 2004. There are 12 Public Health Observatories (PHOs) working across the five nations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The nine Public Health Observatories in England work together through a single work programme which contains both national and local elements. We produce information, data and intelligence on people's health and health care for practitioners, policy makers and the wider community. Our expertise lies in turning information and data into meaningful health intelligence to support decision-makers.

On behalf of the Department of Health, YHPHO works in partnership with the NHS, local authorities, researchers and national agencies. YHPHO’s national lead areas are diabetes, health economics and children's, young people's and maternal health. The national Child and Maternal Health Observatory ChiMat is part of YHPHO.

We are an NHS organisation based on the University of York campus. Our staff are employed by NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, the strategic health authority for our region. The University of York provides accommodation, financial and IT support.


The network of nine Public Health Observatories in England are continuing to work together in collaboration on an agreed single work plan. The Association of Public Health Observatories has been formally dissolved but the website (www.apho.org.uk) will be maintained during this period of transition until the new public health system for England is more fully in place.

Our vision

The vision of YHPHO is to play a leading role in the promotion and development of health intelligence expertise and products both within the Yorkshire and Humber region and nationally. We work to create an expert source of health intelligence, data and evidence to develop knowledge and transfer that knowledge into practice.

What we do

YHPHO provides credible and high-quality health intelligence in order to improve planning and decision-making in the NHS, local and regional government sectors. We work with a range of regional and national partner organisations:

  • providing an authoritative source of data, information and evidence on a range of health related issues.
  • offering advice and training in social marketing, health economics, health intelligence for world class commissioning, Joint Needs Assessment.
  • developing online tools for presenting and analysing data and intelligence to support commissioning of services.
  • producing analytical reports.
  • commissioning, supporting and undertaking research projects.

These are just some of the questions that we try to address day-to-day in our organisation:

  • What do obesity patterns look like in Yorkshire & Humber?
  • What influence does the NHS have on the wider economy?
  • How can the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness evidence we have influence how investment in health is prioritised?
  • What information do people have on the quality of primary care?
  • What is happening to life expectancy in different parts of the region?
  • How can we improve the information we have on the health and well-being of vulnerable children?

Last Updated: Friday, 22nd March 2013

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