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YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

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The HIYAH strategic programme of work has been commissioned by the fourteen PCTs across the region to support them collaboratively on the development of World Class Commissioning up to 2011. The Health Intelligence Reference Group (which reports to the Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Development Board) will provide the oversight of HIYAH funding and work during 2011/12. This work has previously been governed by a HIYAH Commissioning Board. This Board was chaired by Allison Cooke, Chief Executive of NHS North Lincolnshire and comprised representatives of PCT Directors of Commissioning, Performance and Public Health leads. Read the HIYAH Commissioning Board Minutes.

The work of the programme is monitored through the Regional Health Intelligence Leads that meets every two months. This group comprises senior health intelligence leads from all PCTs, YHPHO, SHA, NYCRIS, Trent Cancer Registry and Health Protection Agency.
Find out more about the Regional Health Intelligence Leads meeting.

The quarterly Regional Health Intelligence Analysts forum offers a valuable learning and development opportunity for analysts to network and discuss topics at the top of the regional health intelligence agenda. A private team area on the YHPHO website provides a central space for analysts in the region to share resources and ideas. Further information is available from Sue Ward .

HIYAH annual reports

Find out how the products, tools and work areas have benefitted PCTs.

HIYAH Projects

Consult the following sections for information on the phase 1 and 2 projects. Keep up to date with news about our work by reading our monthly Health Intelligence Update.

HIYAH Phase 2

Project briefs Outputs
HIYAH progress reports
A2 Small area datasets Small Area Dataset for Yorkshire and Humber 2005/06 – 2009/10 HES and mortality MSOA spreadsheet and atlas updated - January 2011.
LSOA indicators and atlas - February 2011.
A4 Age / ethnic forecasts PCT / Local Authority briefings on age and ethnic group forecasting - November 2010.
Popgroup training - September 2010.
A5 themed outputs Theme based report on population projections and long term conditions - April 2011.
A6 lifestyle surveys Health and lifestyle surveys report
A7 Communities of Interest
A8 GP lifestyle data Use of GP systems to monitor health and lifestyles data reports
A9 QOF development Development of primary care dataset (Practice Profiles) - March 2011.
B1a Developing MA webtool Interactive web-based tool on marginal analysis will be available 2011.
B1b Developing prioritisation framework Case study on pilot with North East Lincolnshire - January 2011. Read the case study in the Right Care Casebook
B2 PBMA to support commissioning Spend and Outcome Tool updated 2008/9 data and 2009/10 - February 2011.
Set of slides based on programme budgeting analysis commissioned by DH, completed for each PCT - July 2010.
Piloting a GP consortia based health investment pack with NYYPCT using the slide pack approach to developed for the National Right Care programme - March 2011.
B4 Invest now to save later Clinical thresholds
Evidence based commissioning thresholds workshops investigating variations across the region for the top 10 value HRGs and developing packs to support the programme of workshops led by the SHA; contributing to the development of the threshold:
Hip and knee replacement - May 2010
Tonsillectomy - June 2010
Wisdom tooth extraction - July 2010
Cataract extraction - September 2010
Cholecystectomy - January 2011
Cystoscopy - February 2011
Repair of inguinal and umbilical hernia - March 2011
B5 Health economics training Health Economics prioritisation workshop 17 June 2010  
B6 PBMA training  
C2 CPD programme Healthy Foundations (TGI Choices) training - July 2010.
C1 health intelligence modular training course Behaviour change through data and insight - December 2010.
Finding the evidence - January 2011.
Introduction to evaluation - February 2011.
Introduction to health economics - December 2010 and March 2011.
D1 HI analysts network HIYAH Commissioning Board meetings.
Regional Health Intelligence Analysts forum contact for further details.
E2 CVD health intelligence toolkit Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit: National CVD e-toolkit and Phase 2 Yorkshire and Humber e-toolkit (small area data)- March 2011.

HIYAH Project Brief Phase 2 PCT links

HIYAH Phase 1

Project Outputs
HIYAH Progress Report : Phase 1 Projects
A1. WCC data packs
Developed as an Excel spreadsheet, the data packs contain information on the WCC outcome metrics and assist PCTs in setting aspirations for improvement over the next five years for the priority outcomes selected.
A2. Small area dataset
Small area dataset
A3. Modelling healthy life expectancy
Healthy life expectancy (access restricted)
A4. Age / ethnic demography forecasts
Population Sources
A5. Themed outputs based on A4
B1. Health economics support for WCC
Resources to help PCTs with prioritisation. Prioritisation frameworks are systematic approaches to decision making and prioritising healthcare. This document reviews Prioritisation frameworks and tools available for use by the NHS. A Prioritisation mind map explores the key questions and issues that need to be addressed when undertaking prioritisation.
B2. PBMA to support commissioning
PCT Spend and Outcome Factsheets and Tool (SPOT)
B3. Synthesis reports of evidence base
High impact changes in Public Health
C1. Accredited training programme for HI
Presentations from the 2009 - 2010 programme (available to members of the Y&H Regional Health Intelligence Forum. If you are interested in joining this group please register as a user and then contact ).
C2. CPD programme in social marketing
40 local research projects have been summarised for input to One Stop Shop - a national database of unpublished research.
Insight for analysts training day February 2010.
The Social Marketing forum use a team area on the YHPHO website to share ideas and resources.

D1. HI network development
Regional Health Intelligence Analysts forum contact for further details.
E1. Cardiac Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit
CVD commissioning health intelligence toolkit
Miscellaneous. PCT Project Links
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