What is a resource ?

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This page is an historical archive only.

A resource is an entity or data item that is to be located, identified or described on our website.

Examples of resources:

  • Computer files such as Word, PDF, Excel files
  • Media files such us Images, Audio or Video
  • An event such as a seminar date or training day
  • A news item taken from a news feed

Each resource must be one of a specific list of types:

chart A graphical chart.
collection A group or collection of related resources of any type about a particular topic, e.g. Reports, News, Events.
contact An individual person, or organisation or a group of individuals who can be collectively grouped for descriptive or distribution purposes.
dataset Any raw, disaggregated dataset such as a census or Health Survey for England.
discussion Any discussion topic
event Details of any event
form Any stored form such as an application form or questionnaire.
map A map that may or may not be directly associated with any underlying data.
media Audio, video and image files.
method Any resource used to describe a means or manner of a procedure.
news Any new article which is stored in its own right (i.e. it is not another resource type).
presentation Any presentation file.
report Any written document.
standard These are normally internationally or nationally recognised standards or those recognised specifically by professional groups
table Aggregated data in tabular form.
website Any website address, URL, URI etc which is not usually the link to a definitive organisations website (this is normally part of the metadata for the organisation).
Last Updated: Wednesday, 14th October 2009

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