Spend and outcome tool (SPOT)

Understand health outcomes and expenditure across all programmes



The Spend and outcome tool (SPOT) gives an overview of spend and outcomes across key areas of business. Local authority data for 2015 has been refreshed and clinical commissioning data for 2014 has been included. SPOT includes a large number of measures of spend and outcomes from several different frameworks. Similar organisations can be compared using a range of benchmarks and potential areas for further investigation identified. You can download a PDF factsheet for each local authority or clinical commissioning group. There is also an interactive spreadsheet that allows you to explore the data in detail.

The tool allows the identification of areas requiring priority attention where shifts in investment will optimise local health gains and increase quality. The programme budgeting data for CCGs is from Primary Care Trust (PCT) returns. Programme budgeting is a method assessing investment in programmes of care rather than services.

First published: 27/08/2014
Updated: September 2014
Updated: February 2015
Updated: August 2015

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