Neurology services: outpatient analysis

Data analysis of outpatient neurology services in England 2012 to 2013.



This briefing analyses 2012 to 2013 data to show the provision of adult neurological outpatient services in England and their proximity to the patient's home. The data tables show the proportion of appointments provided close to the patients' home for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs). The charts show new consultant outpatient appointments.

The resources will help clinicians and commissioners to assess if they comply with recommendations by the Royal College of Physicians that scheduled outpatient care should achieve national access targets and be close to the patient's home to ensure accurate diagnosis of symptoms and long term care for conditions ranging from migraine to motor neuron disease.

Our neurology profiles have further information about neurology services, emergency hospital admissions for common neurological conditions and a detailed analysis of an epilepsy care.

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