Psychosis data report

Variation in numbers of people with psychosis and their access to care in England.



This report shows data for a range of indicators across the psychosis care pathway. It describes their variation across England by local authority or clinical commissioning group. It highlights:
  • variation in numbers of people with psychosis
  • variation in access to a range of care and support interventions for people with psychosis
  • gaps in routine data relating to psychosis
  • quality issues with current data relating to psychosis

It is for public health, service planners, commissioners, providers, advocacy groups, and policy makers. Those involved in the local planning and provision of care for people with or at risk of psychosis can use the data to help ensure that services provided meet local needs, are evidence based and to address any gaps in provision. Continued improvement in the collection and reporting of data on psychosis is also encouraged.

The excel spreadsheet shows a breakdown of indicator value for each clinical commissioning group or local authority in the country.

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