Mental Health

This hub is for commissioners, providers and stakeholders to better understand health intelligence to improve services and achieve the best outcomes for local communities

Better access to data and information leads to better decisions. The Mental Health Intelligence Network (NMHIN) brings together data already collected around mental health and wellbeing.

Our themes are common mental health problems, severe mental illness, children and young people, wellbeing and co-existing mental health issues and addictions and suicide prevention. The themes are developed and overseen by expert reference groups in each area drawn from clinical, service user, carer, voluntary sector and national agency experts and representatives.

The community mental health profiles are in the process of being redeveloped into the JSNA profile.

Latest resources

Psychosis data report

Variation in numbers of people with psychosis and their access to care in England.

Crisis care profile and data catalogue

Metrics and datasets on mental health crisis care.

Suicide prevention profile

Data on suicide, associated prevalence, risks factors and contact with services.

Watch a demonstration of how to use our profiling tools by Cam Lugton, head of intelligence for the NMHIN.

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