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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) describes a group of conditions which include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. 100,000 people in Yorkshire and the Humber, or 1.9% of the population, are diagnosed with COPD (see The NHS Information Centre). However, there are an estimated 177,000 people with COPD, suggesting that 43% of people with the disease are not currently diagnosed (see ERPHO).

COPD is the fifth largest killer disease in England (Department of Health). According to NCHOD in Yorkshire and the Humber more people die from COPD (31.1 per 100,000) than from colorectal cancer (17.4 per 100,000) or chronic liver disease (10.4 per 100,000).

A progressive illness, COPD is disabling and the number of people dying as a result of COPD increases with age.

YHPHO tools, data and resources

A set of PCT level dashboards of information for the Yorkshire and Humber region have been produced by YHPHO, on behalf of the Respiratory Health Steering Group, allowing users to benchmark local performance. This information is designed to allow the identification of differences in service provision and the potentially related variation seen at primary care/ provider trust level in outcomes and service usage for those with COPD and asthma.

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Eastern region PHO - COPD

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