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The NDIS portal will remain as an archive until further notice with all content remaining as at 11th December 2013. Please note all new and refreshed content will now be accessed through NCVIN.

Welcome to the National Diabetes Information Service (NDIS), where you can find a comprehensive range of diabetes data, tools and information via one web portal. NDIS provides people with diabetes, providers of diabetes care and health commissioners, with information to aid decision making and improve services.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or would like to receive our email update please contact us at info@diabetes-ndis.org

These workshops are taking place in each region to give front line members of staff the opportunity to explore and increase their understanding of diabetes data and information and think about how they can apply it in everyday planning and practice.

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The National Diabetes Care Standard (NDCD) Project aims to provide core diabetes data standards to support the recording and exchange of consistent and interoperable health care records across diabetes services and systems

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Key reports and publications on diabetes health intelligence topics.

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Online tools from a range of organisations for presenting key data and indicators, undertaking needs assessment and more. Use our directory to find resources.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

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