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Amazing Stories are a collection of case studies from 6 Altogether Better Projects. Each case study focuses on one Community Health Champion and details their personal journey as well as the positive ways they have impacted on the health of their community.

  • National Amazing Stories: Parents 1st

    Date posted: 05 April 2011
    This Amazing Story tells Jane Finch's story. After specialist training through Parents 1st, she became a Pregnancy Pal and Birth Buddy to two mothers. She supported them in the latter stages of their pregnancy, through c ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 700 KB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Wakefield Health Means Business

    Date posted: 28 January 2011
    Heather Iveson helped to set up and participated in a variety of healthier lifestyle initiatives at a daycare nursery in Wakefield. She become empowered to pass on positive messages about healthy eating and physical ac ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 3.7 MB) - Download

  • National Amazing Stories: Jamail

    Date posted: 28 January 2011
    This National Amazing Story tells Jamail's tale, a prisoner, turned Health Trainer Champion while serving a prison sentence in HMP Everthorpe. He helped to set up an in-house Health Trainer Champion service at Moorlands ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 3.8 MB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Leeds Older & Active

    Date posted: 28 January 2011
    Mavis Kennedy trained as a community health educator which lead to regular involvement in a wide variety of activities, aimed at empowering older people to improve their health and well-being. Her story also details how ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 3.4 MB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Calderdale Community Health Champions

    Date posted: 28 January 2011
    Sarah Gyenge devised many fun activities aimed at encouraging parents and their children to eat more healthily and grow their own fruit and vegetables touring local health events with them. She made significant progress ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.1 MB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Bradford seniors show the way

    Date posted: 28 January 2011
    Abdul Qureshi from Bradford Seniors Show The Way trained as a Community Health Champion after a referral from a Health Trainer. He learned key health messages and passed these on to members of the Asian community in Brad ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 822 KB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories - Mind Your Own Business, Rotherham

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    Christine Campey's motives for becoming a workplace community health champion were to understand possible ways of improving the mental health of workers in the construction industry and to expand her skill has a human re ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 822 KB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Sheffield Community Health Champions

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    A desire to give something back to his comunity prompted Waqas Khawaja Hameed to join Sheffield Community Health Champions. (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.0 MB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Healthwise Hull

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    Patrick Nolan joined Healthwise Hull after deciding to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A year later, he has become a committed community health champion and is about to make a fulfilling career change. (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.2 MB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Leading the way to Active Lives, North & North-East Lincolnshire

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    Mandy Hodgson had tried Tai Chi before, but it took a challenge from the Leading the Way to Active Lives project for her take her involvement with the traditional Chinese system of exercise and relation to the next level ... (Adobe Acrobat Document, 753 KB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- East Riding Coastal Health Improvement Programme

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    Attending an Altogether Better course to help her cope while caring for a sick relative was the catalyst for Denise Dobson to confront issues that had been affecting her for years and to start to change her life around. (Adobe Acrobat Document, 982 KB) - Download

  • Amazing Stories- Mental Health First Aid

    Date posted: 07 January 2010
    After taking an Altogether Better course in Mental Health First Aid, Mandy Torbitt helped a woman deal with shock after witnessing a suicide. (Adobe Acrobat Document, 486 KB) - Download

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