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YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

This page is an historical archive only.

Health economics is one of the lead roles that YHPHO fulfiled on behalf of the network of PHOs.

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What is Health Economics?

Economics is concerned with the optimal allocation of a scarce resource; therefore health economics in the context of the NHS is concerned with finding the most effective way of allocating the annual budget which will lead to the greatest increase in health outcomes for the population.

Health Economics is becoming increasingly important given the mounting pressure on the NHS to reduce the amount it spends, yet at the same time improve the quality of the services that it provides: the answer, the NHS must become more efficient in the way it provides health care.

Find out more by reading our guides to key health economics topics:

YHPHO tools, data and resources

YHPHO produced valuable tools and pieces of work relating to health economics to assist with resource allocation decision making. We also offered practical advice on how health economics can be used.
Our work included supporting commissioners with prioritisation, supporting the Planned Care Board in its work to develop clinical thresholds and supporting the development of the QIPP resource packs.

Health Economics tools

Health Economics related briefings and publications

Health Economics training and events

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