This hub is for commissioners, providers and stakeholders to better understand health intelligence to improve services and achieve the best outcomes for local communities

Better access to data and information leads to better decisions. The Dementia Intelligence Network (DIN) will bring together data already collected about dementia. We are working to turn the data into knowledge and intelligence that can be used by commissioners when making decisions about dementia services.

Tower Hamlets dementia cafe

Tower Hamlets dementia cafe. Image Department of Health. Used with permission.

The data and information we use includes:

  • indicators relating to the determinants of resilience and positive mental health
  • the prevalence and risks of developing mental health problems
  • promotion and prevention including social factors
  • early intervention
  • access and waiting times for services
  • treatments standards
  • service level and patient outcomes


Dying with dementia

Data to help policy makers and commissioners deliver high-quality end of life care to people with dementia.

Dementia profile and data catalogue

Data on suicide, associated prevalence, risks factors and contact with services.

Reasons why people with dementia are admitted to a general hospital in an emergency

Data about provision of care for people with dementia

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